Site Rehabilitation & Remediation

Contaminated site clean-up

Site clean-up works include testing, excavation, emu picking, loading, transport and disposal of materials/soil from Class 1 to Class 5.

  • Fly tipping impacted sites which may have a full range of waste materials including household waste, commercial and industrial waste, hazardous materials including asbestos, chemicals and oils.
  • Asbestos impacted sites from previous operations and demolition works by others.
  • Hazardous materials impacted sites including pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and chemicals.

We have successfully completed a number of projects requiring the establishment and management of soil bio-piles to allow the contaminated soil to be reused onsite rather than landfill the soil and replace with clean fill. Works include backfilling and compacting the remediated soil.

Reinstatement of services and landscaping

Our in-house and sub-contractor resources allow us to install or reinstate services and/or landscaping removed or impacted during works.

Recovery of damaged and impacted land for re-use and redevelopment cost effectively

Through our operations and expertise we can work with clients to develop plans and methodologies that allow impacted land to be remediated and recovered for reuse at the original or a higher end land use. These works can be done on a contract basis a joint venture basis or a purchase basis.

We work with clients to achieve necessary approvals for redevelopment of the site.

We can project manage the development works and carry out the earthworks/landscaping for sub divisions.

Typical sites that can be redeveloped included former quarries, clay pits, sand pits, industrial sites, commercial sites and residential sites where there has been an adverse impact from previous operations.

Hazardous Materials Removal

Services cover SMF, lead, PCB’s, refrigerants and hazardous materials such as creosote and chemicals among other things. We identify, test, collect and dispose of hazardous materials from Class 1 to Class 5.

Working with Environmental Consultants to provide a clean usable site for clients

We work with a number of environmental consultants to assist them in achieving the required outcomes for their clients land.

Works cover the full range of our operational services.


Queens Park

Project Brief: Remove top 200mm across 11ha site to remove asbestos contamination and locate former asbestos fences to excavate and remove remnant fence sections. Remove soakwells and then spot remove areas of soil contaminated with pesticides.

Challenges: Required a tight methodical process to ensure all soak wells, fences and contaminated soil was removed to allow future residential development on a clean site.

Outcome: Site was validated as clean and all works completed with no impact on neighbouring residential properties.

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Almeria Rehabilitation

Project Brief: Working with property owners to rehabilitate 3 former clay pits to a level suitable for future residential development. Pits are filled with clean fill, in progress. End total of fill required to be sourced, placed and compacted is 100,000m³.

Challenges: Managing the receivable clean fill to ensure no contamination to the property.

Outcome: Project is continuing at present and meeting all environmental and management guidelines and approvals.

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Port Coogee

Project Brief: Excavate and remove significant amounts of contaminated soils, materials and hazardous substances from the former tanning and abattoir operations. Works required major excavation of former pits and basements where demolition rubble, asbestos and hazardous materials had been buried previously. Site was to be remediated to allow the Port Coogee development to occur.

Challenges: Dealing with a wide range of unknown contaminants in a high profile public area along the ocean edge and not causing any additional contamination from the works. Significant dust potential to be managed.

Outcome: Site was cleared and is now a successful major residential and commercial development.

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Water Corporation High Rd, Wanneroo

Project Brief: Demolish remnant plant structures, emu pick asbestos fragments across site, cap and remove bores, excavate and remove asbestos wrapped pipes, excavate and remove contaminated soil and backfill and compact settlement ponds.

Challenges: Working beside a school and being in close proximity to residential homes. Excavation and removal of pipes running under large trees to remain without damaging them.

Outcome: The site was signed off as clean and suitable for residential development. All pipes removed with no trees damaged or required to be removed.

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335 Colllier Rd, Bassendean

Project Brief: Remediate former service station site with contamination of groundwater. Install sheet piling to support 5m excavation, excavate smear zone and remove soil, backfill and compact. Groundwater pump and treat through treatment plant onsite.

Challenges: Extremely small site surrounded by operating businesses including a lunchbar.

Outcome: Site works completed on time and budget. Impacts to neighbouring businesses successfully managed. No safety or environmental incidents.

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Oxford Street Foyer, Leederville

Project Brief: Excavate, screen, sort, process and landfill heavily contaminated creosote material. The aim of this project was to reduce volume of material required to be disposed as Class 5 at a high cost.

Challenges: Managing odours in heavily populated area. Processes to reduce Class 5 volume of material and reduce costs from an estimated $1.5m.

Outcome: Merit removed materials from site and processed at a 3rd party location to remove odour issues. Material processed and Class 5 material reduced from 300t to 43t and the balance of material was able to be disposed as class 3 material at substantially reduced cost. Client saved an estimated $1m.

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